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A National Indie Excellence Award-Winning Finalist 
Welcome to James R. Clifford

Award winning finalist in historical fiction for the 2007 Indie Excellence awards.

Selected by the American Numismatic Association books of the year for 2007

Welcome to the website of James Clifford a two time award winning finalist for the National Indie Excellence Awards.

James Clifford has been graced with a fertile imagination.                                 
                  -Norman Goldman, Editor, Book Pleasure

Double Daggers is strongly recommended as a complex, superbly 
crafted, thoroughly entertaining novel from beginning to end.
         -James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review


"A great feat of introducing the classics to young minds."
    - Souzana Sterverding, Director
       Ancient Coins in Education

2009 Award winning finalist in the Indie Excellence Awards for Juvenile Fiction.

Ten Days To Madness 

Only Charlie Parker knows that his image as a successful, well-respected family man is a complete lie and with his life collapsing around him he travels to the secluded mountain house that has been owned by his family for generations. Hidden in his father’s library Charlie unearths a bizarre diary that claims a rogue tribe of Cherokee Indians stole a fortune in gold coins before the Civil War and hid the treasure in an ancient burial cave in a remote part of the Appalachian Mountains. 
Compelled by forces he doesn’t understand, Charlie embarks upon a self-destructive march to uncover the truth as he discovers his family's darkest secrets.  His ancestor’s heinous crimes force Charlie to face the demons unleashed by his family from so long ago and he is haunted by nightmares, tormented by a strange man claiming ownership of the diary and terrorized by Cherokee spirits known in Indian mythology as The Nunnehi.  The horrifying encounters send Charlie spiraling into an alcohol fueled frenzy to find the Cherokee gold, no matter the cost.  

Does the gold exist? Are the bizarre events really happening to Charlie or has his mind finally collapsed under the pressures of mental illness, alcohol abuse and a failed business? Those questions linger in the reader’s mind until the final page as Charlie battles internal demons and external monsters to discover the truth about himself, and the legend of the Cherokee Gold.   
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BREAKING NEWS- The Unraveling is in final edit stages and will soon be available.

A disgraced investigative journalist . . . 

While searching for the Grand Conspiracy theory . . . 

Becomes entangled with a mysterious shadow group called The Dracun who have succeeded in controlling society by creating a virtual prison where freedom is a created illusion . . .  

And with the world teetering on collapse he discovers a Library containing the secrets of the universe . . . 

The crash never occurred, only a slow crumble but that is about to change because . . . . The Unraveling is rapidly approaching.

West Collins is a disgraced investigative reporter whose only source of employment is writing for a sleazy, conspiracy tabloid. After West receives a cryptic message from a dead colleague claiming that the world is controlled by a mysterious shadow group called The Dracun he becomes entangled between opposing forces battling for control of civilization.  

Welcome to the world of our future-The Unraveling. A dystopian thriller where good and evil, freedom and tyranny are false realities in a society locked in perpetual upheaval and decay. But with civilization on the verge of collapse West discovers a greater truth about our world and our place in the universe.

My books range from good old fashioned adventure stories to historical fiction to supernatural thrillers and I hope that my stories take you on an entertaining journey. Some of my books have historical coins woven into the storylines. I love collecting historical coins because they are little treasures that allow you to peer into past civilizations and enable you to gaze upon legendary figures like Cleopatra, Hannibal, Caesar, Alexander the Great, Brutus and Nero. Historical coins also record history's most important events like the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, The Crusades, and The Civil War.
I hope you enjoy my books!